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We are the premier provider of knowledge through people empowerment. We believe people are why organisations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job will enable organisations to succeed. That is why we pride ourselves on offering acclaimed training courses that are well researched and follow the latest industry trends.

Opus is the latin word for business and Kinetic symbolises moving energy. Our logo comprises of the spiral - one of the oldest symbol known to man to symbolise the capturing of knowledge and growth.

We aim to empower you with knowledge, increase your business and inject into your company a dynamic new energy. We see ourselves as a fast moving business constantly researching new trends, developments and technology worldwide, and passing on this knowledge to eager minds.

We are a specialist of People and Possibilities. If organisations are reflected as reality, people are its growth engines. There are alternatives to organisations but none to people. Training is the catalyst that helps your people make a difference. With our strategic business courses consisting of bespoke training modules, excellence is a permanent promise.

We are headquartered in Singapore but our courses are held internationally. We work with renowned international trainers and ensure their expertise can be accessed within Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions.


Promoting industry growth through imparting cutting edge knowledge to delegates, hence enhancing their ability to excel at their respective job scopes. We offer thoroughly researched topics that provide comprehensive insights to equip delegates with the latest knowledge to expand their horizons. We aim to be the premier training course provider in Asia Pacific driven by our commitment to quality, integrity and customer service.

If you are the industry, We help you to modernize and keep your employees up to date by imbuing them with pertinent knowledge they can immediately apply to their jobs. Our trainers are selected meticulously for their vast experience and ability to share and impart knowledge in a clear and concise manner.

If you are the trainer, We provide the best platform for you to share your accumulated years of experience and hand down your knowledge to new blood in the industry. We take care of all logistical requirements so that you can concentrate fully on the course itself. If you are an expert in a particular topic matched with a passion to teach, email us at to be included in our portfolio of trainers.


To empower working professionals with the right skills in their job responsibility thereby increasing ROI for the company.

Why you should attend our courses

Our courses are designed with you in mind. Before each course, rigorous research is carried out to find out the needs of the targeted attendees. We make sure we understand what are the topics you need to master in order to perform your work optimally. Our training agenda focuses on your immediate issues and ensure a thorough understanding of crucial concepts so that you can deliver results once you are back at work.

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