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Laytime and Demurrage

5th December 2016



Led by an experienced maritime arbitrator, this course will provide an in-depth understanding of laytime & demurrage to avoid expensive legal proceedings and maximize the profitability of a fixture, especially for liquid cargo. Catered to the perspectives of both shipowners and charterers, this course will discuss the calculation and exceptions of laytime, despatch, and the role played by damages for detention. Breach of pumping and/or temperature warranties and pumping warranty claims will be examined. The course will also look at the possible revisions of contract clauses that either party can negotiate for improved clarity and increased advantage. Through real-life case studies, practical exercises, and an interactive mock dispute, our expert course facilitator will share the ways to reduce a charterer’s potential exposure to demurrage claims, and to increase collection of demurrage for shipowners through tighter drafting and effective use of the lien on cargo and other legal remedies.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is for professionals in the shipping industry who have some experience with ship chartering, and would like to enhance their working knowledge of demurrage for outstanding business performance.

  • Chartering Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Marine Operations Managers
  • Marine Claims Managers
  • Legal Counsel & Managers
  • Contracts Managers
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Managers
  • P&I Executives
  • Port & Terminal Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Commodity Traders

Key Learning Points include:

  • EXAMINE the considerations of demurrage from the perspectives of shipowners and charterers, and also buyers & sellers under trading contracts, against background of Gencon 76 and 94 and also ASBATANKVOY and other tanker charterparty forms
  • MASTER the art of calculating laytime for voyage charterparties
  • UNDERSTAND different ways of expressing/defining laytime and the practical consequences
  • GAIN insights on exceptions and interruptions to laytime
  • MAINTAIN harmonious business relationships and circumvent expensive legal proceedings
  • CONSIDER laytime and demurrage clauses in CIF and FOB sale contracts
  • EXAMINE how breach of pumping and/or temperature warranties affects laytime and demurrage
  • APPRECIATE potential link between pumping warranty claims and claims under AMOCO or similar retention clauses for cargo ROB
  • DISCOVER how to improve clarity and increase advantage in charterparty clauses
  • COMPARE the distinctions between dry and wet cargo provisions for laytime and demurrage
  • LEARN how to reduce charterer’s potential exposure to demurrage claims
  • MAXIMIZE collection of demurrage through tighter drafting and effective use of lien Clause

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5th December 2016
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