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Deepwater Drilling Operations

15th June 2015


This 5-days intensive course is to equip delegates with knowledge of critical drilling operations, processes and their equipments escpecially focussing in the deepwater. Deepwater drilling has been a tricky process for the oil & gas companies, it has to be done with accurate analysis and at the correct time to prevent any disaster.

This course will provide an enhance knowledge on the various aspects of planning and challenges associated with deepwater horizons. Delegates will be reinforced with the understanding of deepwater systems and risks faced during the operations.

Delegates will have the chance to work with other delegates and come out solutions in order to prevent any disaster and proper process and techniques to procees with drilling operations.

NOTE: Case studies will be discussed based on real-life situations.

Benefits Of Attending

  • Introduction of deepwater operations and the evolution of the system
  • Learning on the installation of the surface casing and subsea wellhead system and their impacts
  • Understand the aspects of deepwater geology and various deepwater locations in the world
  • Prepare solutions to the risks and challenges faced during deepwater operations
  • Able to identify the complexities during deepwater drilling operations
  • Insights of drilling fluids, subsalt issues and new technologies
  • Dealing with the management of advanced rig systems

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for personnels who are new and experience engineers from oil & gas operators who are facing challenges in their daily operations. Job titles include:

  • Drilling Manager / Engineer
  • Completion Manager / Engineer
  • Drilling Superintendent
  • Well Engineer
  • Deepwater Research Engineer
  • Deepwater Drilling Manager / Engineer

For further information of this course, please email to