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Direct-Fired Heaters: Their Design & Operation

3rd November 2014


A long established technology, direct-fired heaters have a history of successful operation at plants around the world. But combustion and heat transfer technologies are continually evolving. New engineered solutions for a complex new world of energy production dictate the increased use of fired heaters in a wide range of specialized process applications. Reducing downtime and maintenance costs are top priorities. Improving thermal efficiency can lead to significant energy savings, and can also help reduce harmful air emissions.

One way to realize efficiency is through improved design. Another is to increase the operational know-how of on-site plant personnel, through focused training on fired-heater design and construction, process-flow parameters, and other variables that affect operation.

Who Should Attend

This event is intended for experienced managers, for process, production, mechanical, maintenance, and instrumentation engineers, and for senior supervisors and superintendents, trainee process engineering trainees, inspectors, and plant operators at petrochemical refineries and gas processing facilities.

This three-day course is specifically designed to help plant engineers better understand the function of direct-fired heaters. We focus on the most common design types, considering fuel type, combustion chemistry, heat transfer and release, combustion air supply and control, and mechanical factors including burners, refractory, tube design, and corrosion and fouling mitigation. We also review techniques to improve efficiency, operate safely and meet emission guidelines.


Key Learning Objectives:

This course is carefully structured to provide practical and exclusive training applicable to engineers, technicians, management or operating facility superintendents who work with direct-fired heaters, furnaces and waste heat recovery units, and burner management systems.

At the end of the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and list the applicable codes and standards for fired process heaters
  • Determine the mechanical limitations of heaters
  • Describe the theoretical and practical aspects of burners and combustion air supply, common and complex instrumentation applications, heater          operation, tube and refractory design
  • Explain key operating parameters
  • Employ techniques to minimize emissions, corrosion and fouling
  • Implement safe practices and identify safety issues
  • Identify typical problems and possible causes
  • Identify key inspection and turnaround items.


*Intensive 3-Day Training Course for Refining and Gas Processing Specialists, based on the acclaimed textbook Direct-Fired Heaters: A Practical Guide to their Design & Operation.  

*Every delegate will receive a copy of the textbook worth 295 USD.

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