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Cost, (or loss) analysis on offshore mega projects very consistently show that it is during commissioning that the loss potential = overrun potential, will manifest itself. This is the phase where all the design flaws  and construction errors will surface, and this is the phase where the expensive and time consuming changes and modifications will have to be undertaken. Changes and modifications will be executed simultaneously with a very hectic commissioning program, while  everybody expects the Project Commissioning Manager to manage and control all this, and still deliver on time and on budget.Commissioning of mega offshore projects, whether it is an FPSO, a GBS, a steel jacket or other concepts, is a large and complex undertaking which  all too often do not receive  enough management focus at the early stages of the project, especially when it comes to enough upfront quality planning (front end loading)  and preparations in place, and making sure practical risk assessments are viewed as a continuous activity throughout the project.This course has been designed to enhance management and team member’s focus on the critical success factors that have to be controlled in order to successfully deliver on the commissioning plan. The course will be divided in 4 separate modules that collectively will cover a variety of issues such as: planning principles, building the schedule, figures and factors, integration with HU and operations plans, organizational concepts, GAP reviews, practical risk analysis, commissioning package mark-ups, critical systems testing, close-linking of testing activities, module–to-integration yard  considerations, operations involvement,  streamlining of engineering query process, progress reporting, integrated project team considerations, documentation at hand–over etc. Practical workshops and interactive discussions are vital parts of the course. Participants will be assigned to teams and work on real cases as well as being challenged to design ideal set ups based on course material.


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for individuals involved in planning, coordination and execution of large Offshore Oil & Gas Projects. It is especially valuable for Commissioning Managers,Commissioning Leads, Commissioning Engineers, Commissioning planners, but also very useful for Project Managers, Hook –Up managers and Operations personnel involved in offshore projects.

Key Learning Points

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the importance of early commissioning planning and preparations.
  • Apply the key tools and methods necessary to ensure quality throughout the commissioning phase.
  • Clarify the application of continuous risk assessments prior to and during the whole project phase.
  • Appreciate the control of the critical success factors that can make or break the project.
  • Pinpoint the importance of the right value chain approach when organizing the project commissioning phase.
  • Uncover the operations drivers that should be implemented and monitored.


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