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Managing Joint Ventures in Oil and Gas

25th October 2021 - 27th October 2021

About this Training Course

The oil & gas industry generally is based on JVs, in one form or another. These JVs use various vehicles to ensure alignment and minimise conflict of interest between the parties. These vehicles, including meetings, subcommittees and workshops, often involve many different people from various partners. Some attendees may have little experience on the dynamics of the various possible JV interactions, in terms of behaviors, procedures, or legal & commercial principles. This course will provide those participants context and ideas on how to positively influence JVs.

This course is not about “beating the other side” – it is about giving people an understanding of the principles & ideas to influence their JVs to be more aligned and constructive, especially if their JV has over-bearing or conflicted Operators & partners who are either rejecting or simply ignoring their views, to find the best solution for the overall partnership.

Who Should Attend

  • Technical staff (eg geologists, drillers, reservoir engineers) who attend JV meetings
  • Commercial analysts and advisors who interact with JVs
  • Individuals who are identified as Joint Venture representatives or deputies
  • Legal team members who engage with JV partners or Operator
  • Joint Venture liaison staff (Operator and non-Operator)

Key Learning Objectives

• Maximize value and ensure success of your Joint Venture (JV)
Allow those with limited experience of JVs to immediately contribute with confidence
Gain ideas and suggestions in how to turn around JVs that are inefficient, difficult or even hostile
Influence JVs struggling with complex or major issues, either as Operator or non-Operator

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