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Oil and gas people to quantify financial impact of oil and gas downturn June 2017

The UKs oil and gas industry has been operating amid an industry downturn that has seen tens of thousands of job losses, pay packets slashed in half and other work benefits cut altogether.

Workers who were previously on high salaries may have found themselves unemployed or working for a fraction of their previous wage. This obviously has an impact on mortgage affordability, vehicle affordability and general standard of living.

Oil and Gas People would like to hear from you, to see how the oil and gas downturn has impacted your life (if at all). In our short survey, we will ask you several financial based questions and in return for your time we will enter you into a prize draw for £100 of amazon vouchers.

Thee results of the survey will be turned into a feautred news article and for completing it you can enter into a free prize draw for £100 of Amazon gift vouchers. If you would like to take part in the survey,  please click the link below:


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