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Digital Advancements

ABB Digitalizing Onshore Wellheads Pipelines And Terminals

Small, medium and large producers can improve results and safety through digitalization of the onshore hydrocarbon chain.

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Emerson New Ways to Achieve Top Quartile Performance for Refineries

Addressing the issues refineries face, and demonstrate how wireless sensors, combined with Pervasive Sensing strategies, can help solve these problems and support top quartile performance goals.

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Siemens A Digital Roadmap for Offshore Oil and Gas

Discusses the industry’s first comprehensive digital solution for offshore oil and gas production. This is done through 3 phases - Design and Configure, Build, Operate and  through shorter project development cycles. 

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WEF Digital Transformation Initiative in the Oil and Gas Industry

Digital transformation has the potential to create tremendous value for both the industry and society as a whole.

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Deloitte Bringing The Digital Revolution to Midstream Oil and Gas

How US midstream companies can adopt a digital mindset while derive actual value from going digital for its legacy and new assets

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Konstant Infosolutions Choosing the Right Engagement Model for Offshore Development

Explores the different engagement models and their core components and practices. 

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Aveva Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry

Develop agile business models with higher margins to achieve operational excellence.

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ABB Innovation to Transform the Energy Future

How digitalization enables oil and gas operators to transition to a new energy ecosystem.

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Quorum Driving Operational Efficiencies with Digital Technologies

How can oil and gas companies streamline back office processes to gain efficiencies

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Emerson 3 Innovative Ways to Improve Pump Reliability

Discusses basic and advanced monitoring techniques for centrifugal pumps in industrial process applications

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Emerson Innovation For Accurate Process Temperature Measurement

Discusses how a new surface sensor innovation addresses the challenges of traditional practices

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ABB Next Level Oil, Gas and Chemicals

Explains how digitalisation is applied to throughout the hydrocarbon chain (upstream, midstream and downstream process)

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IBM Blockchain For Supply Chain Networks in the Chemicals and Petroleum Industry

Shared-ledger technology drives substantial efficiency, fraud prevention and cost take out

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Aveva The Business Case for Refining Operations Management – Part 1

Discusses how refining operations management contribute to profit and invested capital by closing the digital operations gap

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Aveva The Benefits of Refining Operations Management – Part 2

Discusses how refining operations management through adoption of new technologies such as the Smart Plant and examples from clients, functions and improvement methods seen through Refining Operations Management.

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OSISoft Digital Transformation Solution Oil and Gas

Learn how digital transformation solutions can collect and structure data for analysis and future growth

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Emerson Digital Twin A Key Technology for Digital Transformation

Discusses the considerable benefits of digital replica tech for the oil and gas industry

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OPEX 2019 The Drive Towards Operational Excellence

Discusses OPEX as it relates to the use of data and analytics software,
digital transformation, agility, ageing assets, and riskbased inspection.

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Hyperparallel Seismic Processing

How Pavilion and NVMe-oF redefine Oil & Gas storage performance

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Actenum Increasing Well Delivery Efficiency Through Enhanced Scheduling

Effective well delivery scheduling yields economic benefits through optimization, analytics, and collaboration to maximize efficiency and shorten cycle times.

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Risk Management

RMA Midstream Lending in the Oil and Gas Industry

Understanding midstream economics, organizational structure, risks and underwriting standards and practices throughout the midstream value chain.

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Why Traditional Risk Management Fails in the Oil and Gas Sector

The application of traditional risk-models and management principles has proven insufficient to prevent a high rate failure in this sector. Diminishing returns in the upstream exploration of new resources is shifting focus to the optimization of effective risk management.

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Aveva CAPEX Project Overruns

Tackling the lasting negative effects of risk by controlling overruns

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Oracle How to Reduce Costs and Manage Risk

Discusses the ways the upstream oil and gas industry is able to reduce costs and risks through new technology

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IDC Energy Reducing Risk in Oil and Gas Operations

Explores the operational risks faced by oil and gas companies in today's business and regulatory environment

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Safety Management

IBM The Evolution of GRC New Tools

Explores the latest governance, risk and compliance solutions to increase process efficiency and effectiveness

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DNV-GL Use of Epoxy Shell Technology

Discusses the use of an alternative innovative methods for an effective solution for pipeline protection

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Motorola Solutions Improving Safety and Productivity In Oil And Gas

Discusses the innovative ways that can be put in place to improve safety and productivity in the industry

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Common Problems and Recent Trends with HAZOPS

Hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis has a well-deserved reputation for systematic and thorough evaluation of process hazards.

Written by Alan Munn

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Chemical Explosion

First interim report into July chemical explosion that killed seven in Leverkusen reveals likely cause

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Major Hazard Leadership

Inspecting Major Hazard Leadership and Investigating Leadership Failures in Major Accidents

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Maintenance Management

Aveva Asset Performance Management 4.0 and Beyond with Risk-Based Maintenance

Describes how to leverage new technologies to improve traditional reactive maintenance towards proactive maintenance

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Lloyd's Register Reducing The Maintenance Burden

A case study that describes the maintenance optimisation can save organisations as much as 65% in budget

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Chevron 2020 Global Sulphur Cap and The Role Of Cylinder Oil Lubricants

Understanding the impacts of the IMO 2020 legislation

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LNG Bunkering Global Report 2019

Describes the LNG industry in countries such as Iran, Germany, Spain, Norway, France, Canada, South America, China and Singapore

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Chevron Methanol Marine Lubricant Whitepaper

Discusses methanol as one of the alternative fuels as the industry moves towards a lower emissions future

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OCIMF Emissions from Cargo Systems on Oil Tankers

Technologies and methods for controlling or treating VOC emissions

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Project Management

ESI Successful Solutions through Agile Project Management

An all-round approach for adopting the agile project management framework

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Banking and Finance

Opportunities and Challenges of New Technologies for AML/CFT

New technologies can improve the speed, quality and efficiency of measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. They can help financial institutions and supervisors, assess these risks in ways that are more accurate, timely and comprehensive.

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FATF Releases Draft Guidance on Proliferation Financing Risk

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is developing Guidance to help both public and private sectors in implementing the new requirements to identify, assess, understand and mitigate proliferation financing risk as defined in Recommendation 1 and its Interpretive Note.

IBM How Cognitive Computing is Transforming The Banking Industry

Describes how to effectively manage risk and compliance requirements, and optimise data for analysis

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Workiva Transforming Financial Services

How process improvement through new technology can lead to better integration and transparency, as well as deeper insights across departments

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LexisNexis Big Data Financial Services

Combining internal data with alternative data can transform how financial services manage customer experiences, make trading and investing decisions, detect fraud, and manage risk and regulatory compliance.

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FATF: COVID-19-related Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented global challenges, human suffering and
economic disruption. This paper identifies challenges, good practices and policy
responses to new money laundering and terrorist financing threats and vulnerabilities
arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

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CCL Great leaders are Great Learners

How to develop learning-agile high potentials through understanding of the concept of learning agility and how to identify them in your staff. 

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Hydrogen Economy Outlook

Hydrogen could meet up to 24% of the world's energy needs by 2050

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