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Trainer's Testimonials

Our course trainers are experts in their respective fields and are meticulously selected for their vast experience and proven track record of success. They are well-esteemed industry experts who have many years of practical experience, in major projects worldwide.

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"I had the pleasure to work with Opuskinetic, a leader in South East Asia in delivering training that is really customized to  meet their customers’ needs. They are serious professionals and I’d definitively recommend them!"

Giuseppe Lombardo


Working with Lara and the team at Opus Kinetic is a pleasure. The drive in constantly looking to new ways to help her clients improve and to build better, more competent and capable businesses through focussed training is the basis of a great partnership we have formed over the past couple of years in bringing thought provoking yet highly practical Leadership and Management training to the sector across SE Asia.

Working with people who are so committed, effective and personable ensures that between us : Opus Kinetic, Atman Strategy and the Delegates, we work as a great team and always deliver to the highest standards.

We look forward to many more successful years in partnership and to constantly building new and exciting courses together.

Atman Strategy Ltd


Lara P and her team at Opuskinetic have done a great job at promoting my SME Banking course. This has helped make it a 'hit' in the Kuala Lumpur banking community. Opuskinetic is also well-organised and reliable as a contractor. As an independent free lance trainer, I see many firms. It is a delight to work with Lara and her team.

Robert Patterson


Opus Kinetic Pte Ltd in Singapore, has approached me to present one of the seminar in Singapore on the 23rd & 24th June 2014.

Despite the very short preparation time and fierce competition, they managed to attract a number of delegates who participated in the seminar. The organization and preparation of seminar was done without any problems and to the full satisfaction of the undersigned.

Al financial obligations were settled within the agreed timing and without any arguments. I can highly recommend Opus Kinetic for their work and have agreed to continue work with them for future seminar.

Yours faithfully,

Krabbendam Advies Service

LowLands Management Consultancy LLC

Opus Kinetic requested us to prepare and present a executive Class in Malaysia.

The interaction with the representative from the onset was very efficient and pleasant.

The venue and organization of the Class was done very well, handouts printed clearly and professionally bound.

Lowlands has been presenting for several years in Training and Consultancy and is experiencing the work relationship with Opus to be exceptional; pleasant, efficient and from the number of delegates in the Class, Opus shows to have very good contacts with Clients.

Lowlands is pleased with this relationship and will continue to work together with Opus.

Sincerely yours,

LowLands Consultancy.

BenDicksen International EF

I had the pleasure of conduction a 4 day course on behalf of Opus Kinetic in Kuala Lumpur on August 2014. I was very impressed with Opus Kinetics' professional preparatory work in regards to the course. The attendance interface was excellent and all the work and arrangements made by Opus Kinetic during the course was outstanding. It made my work as the course director very easy, as I could focus on the course content and delivery of the course itself, without having to think about all the practical arrangements before and during the course.

Based on my experience, I regard Opus Kinetic as a very professional course institute that I would not hesitate to work with in the future, or to recommend to others whether it be as course director or course participant.

BenDicksen International EF

BB Offshore & Marine Consulting Ltd.

Opus Kinetic impressed us with their professionalism in organizing the course. The venue and on-site facilities as well their communication with the course director during and after the course were excellent. It was a pleasure for the course direct to give the course.

BB Offshore & Marine Consulting highly recommends Opus Kinetic as a course organizer and will not hesitate to work with them in the future.

BB Offshore & Marine Consulting Ltd.

We work with our trainers to prepare the best course agenda to meet your exact learning needs.

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