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6 Tips To Raise Workplace Productivity

 An organisation pretty much depends on their workers for survival and sustainability. Efficient and productive workers create a conducive environment which can ensure the running of the organisation. Disengagement of the workers creates dire problems for the organisation such as high turnover, low productivity, bad company culture and your business will suffer.

1 – Carrot & Stick

It is important to note that there will always be differing personalities in your organisation. A carrot and stick is a common way to make sure that there is a standard procedures to drive employees’ behaviours and actions. For example, rewarding them with monetary incentives when a company’s target is being met to motivate and drive them to work harder, or threatening them with a pay cut when they fail to achieve a targeted quota. However, the effectiveness of this strategy is highly controversial as more and more employees are looking further than monetary incentives as motivation. It is necessary for organisations to look beyond carrot & stick strategy to suit the needs of their employees.

2 – Skills development

Training provides the opportunity for employees to work on their weakness with knowledge provided by specialists in their respective fields. With a bank of knowledge to lean on, employees are able to cover for their co-workers in times of need, and also the ability to work independently. Appropriate training for the employees is a catalyst for growth and improving productivity. Professional development ensures growth not only ensue growth but also a low turnover rate as the employees development will not stagnate, but find themselves constantly dealing with challenges.

3 – Setting SOPs

SOPs set the standards for operations within the organisation, driving consistency. SOPs allow employees to know what is expected of them from their roles, and quality of work can be guaranteed. SOPs also allow the management to better assess performance of employees as there will be guidelines for comparison and they can take reference on.

4 – Providing feedback

Feedback on employee performance should be conducted regularly, and not during their annual appraisal. Feedback can allow the management to know their employees better – their individual strengths and flaws. Management can then take the necessary actions for employees to work on their flaws (attend specialised training courses etc.) while leveraging on their individual strengths to improve the overall functions of the organisation.

5 – Being generous with praises

Receiving praises makes an individual feel good and confident about themselves and their work. In a research conducted by Gallup, it was concluded that employees who receive regular praises are more productive than those who not. A positive mindset of the employee is found to be a cause of better health.

6 – Infusing elements of Gamification in HR strategy

Gamification can achieve several objectives, not limiting to employee satisfaction, but also innovation, skills development etc. All these are beneficial in aiding organisation. Gamification is a new strategy that organisation used to engage employees, a process to allow organisations to understand their employees motivations, goals and their character. The goals of the employees are aligned with the goals of the organisations. While the employees are seemingly working towards their personal accomplishment, they are also achieving organisation goals at the same time. For instance, T-Mobile revamped its social business portal, T-community infusing elements of gamification, where employees can earn status and rewards based on their involvement in the community (engagement with customers through answering questions, liking content etc.). This resulted in a 91% increase of employee participation and a 31% increase in customer satisfaction.

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