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Safety Case Regime in Singapore

“These problem areas could be easily rectified if companies pay sufficient attention. Guardrails and barricades can be installed. Safe and proper stairway with walkway access can be provided. But because they did not do so, the companies had exposed their workers to unnecessary risks.” – Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Manpower, Employment and Employability Institute, at Construction Safety and Health Seminar, 2016

Minister Tan pointed out that workplace safety is one of the concerns that the government place emphasis on. The government has attempted a stick approach when it comes to legislating workplace safety, by placing heavy penalties on companies that failed to comply. Halfway through Operation Harrier, a targeted enforcement operation that occurred from 1 April to 15 May 2016, more than 40 stop-work orders were issued.

As part of the effort to enhance workplace safety, Singapore launched Safety Case Regime, similar to Europe, UK and Australia. Under this legislation, Major Hazards Installations (MHIs) have to prepare reports that consolidated all Safety, Health and Environment protocols as proof that all risks are minimised.[1]

The oil and gas industry is one of the major contributor to Singapore’s manufacturing output. Facilities in this industry handle large volume of hazardous chemicals, needless to say, the consequences from an incident will be devastating.

Key players from MHI industry players and Singapore Chemical Industry Council supported the launch of Safety Case Regime to aid the industry in creating a safer and healthier workplace environment in Singapore.

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