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45 Organisations Have Committed To A New Framework For Workplace Safety

health safety environmentOn September 4, 45 organisations signed a new accord for workplace safety.


This accord is a new framework that aims to have organisations to express their commitments in improving occupational health and safety for professionals and practitioners. The accord is created in hopes that organisations can carry out the creation and sustainability of healthier and safer workplace.


This accord is initiated by Singapore Institution of Safety Officers (SISO) and organised by the International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations (INSHPO), calling and urging companies worldwide to adopt similar framework, promoting high standards of practice among health and safety specialists. Among the 45 organisations, 12 are Singapore-based companies, including transport operator SMRT and Temasek polytechnic.


Chan Chun Sing, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, brought up that Singapore has been doing well in ensuring that workplace safety is in place, adhering to global standards. But, there are still room for improvements, and organisations should not be complacent and be satisfied with current standards.


This accord, or safety case regime,  is in place to help firms in various industry by greater sharing of knowledge and professional expertise in the safety field. It also serves as a ‘reference document’, incorporating considerations of jurisdictions, cultures and organisations structure from different countries. This ‘document’ will provide the necessary knowledge and experience for organisations that are unfamiliar with occupational health and safety.


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