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New national skills framework for logistic sector launched

HR In Asia/26 September 2017

A new national skills framework aiming to develop Singapore’s logistics sector was launched on Friday (Sept 22). Various features are offered by the framework, which can help the sector grow by identifying job roles, career pathways, and currently emerging skills required in logistics.

Among the career pathways identified in the framework include warehouse management and operations, freight forwarding and operations, sales and customer service, as well as transport management and operations. Additionally, data and statistical analysis, automation design and cloud computing application have also been identified as most on-demand skills.

The national skills framework plans to target those who want to join logistics or move further in the industry. It also aims to reach employers within the sector who wish to invest in employee training. Furthermore, the framework is also designed to help education and training providers create programmes that can address current needs and trends in logistics, while equipping talents with on-demand skills.

The initiative builds upon the industry transformation map for logistics sector launched in November last year. The transformation map plays role as guide that charts the path for raising productivity and generating innovation in the industry as the economic climate changes, Channel News Asia reports.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during official opening of logistics firm YCH Group’s Supply Chain City facility in Jurong said that if the map is successful, the logistics industry is expected to contribute S$8.3 billion to the nation’s economy. It is also projected to create 2,000 new jobs for professionals, managers, engineers and technicians (PMETs) by 2020, he added on Friday.

“Some of these jobs will demand different and deeper skills from today, as new technologies and new ways of working become mainstream. Hence, our companies must also invest in people, to develop talent, retrain their staff and nurture deep knowledge and soft skills. The Government will play its part to attract, nurture and retain a strong Singaporean core of talent for the logistics industry,” he said.


News Source: Forbes

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