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The Future of Gippsland Basin

CGG[1] has commenced the start of Gippsland ReGeneration 3D reprocessing project in Australia’s premier Gippsland Basin. This project will be presenting the highest-resolution 3D seismic data available in this industry.


Imaging the Gippsland Basin’s shelf break and various submarine channels is an arduous task. The introduction of CGG’s technology, this project will bring forth significant reservoir imaging improvements, reveal potential deep reservoir targets and improve the industrial understanding of the basin.


The Gippsland Basin has recorded to produce over four billion barrels of liquid hydrocarbons and seven trillion cubic feet of gas. The first recorded offshore discovery was made over half a century ago, and this there are still opportunities for new discoveries and development in this industry.


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[1] CGG is a French-based Geoscience company providing leading geological, geophysical and reservoir capabilities. It is founded in 1931.

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