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What Is A Loading Master?

A Loading Master is a person who has command or charge of a bulk carrier, where a ship’s officer has command over the loading or unloading operations for a bulk carrier.

The Master has responsibility for ensuring that there is safe access to and from the ship. The ship provides the access, and the Master or Terminal Operator confirm that it is safe and suitable. The Master has the obligation to ensure that it is safe. The responsibility of a Loading Master includes but not exclusive to:-

  • In advance of the ship’s estimated time of arrival at the terminal
  • To ensure that the cargo information is received before any solid bulk cargo is loaded, and if required, a solid cargo density declaration
  • Providence of a form for cargo information to terminal representative before commencing the unloading of solid bulk cargo
  • Providence of arrival information such as: name, call sign, IMO number, flag, port of registry; loading or unloading plan, quantity of cargo, loading or unloading order; arrival and proposed departure draughts; time required for ballasting or de-ballasting,etc.

In Hong Kong, a judgment in the High Court of the Hong Kong special administrative region was made on the death of a surveyor and an assisting crew member from the depletion of oxygen in an enclosed space on board a ship. In an extract on the case, it was mentioned that there is a harsher criterion that was applied to the conduct of the Master who had to bear majority of the consequences.  This is because the Master is the overall in charge of the vessel and is responsible for the safety of all persons on board, including lawful visitors. In this particular case, the Master was not in possession of sufficient information to make a decision about the state and ability of the surveyor to deal with emergency situation.

Using the above abstract as an illustration, it can be concluded that the Master is held responsible for all on board, including visitors, regardless of their status and occupation.

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