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Why Is It Important For Companies To Invest in Training and Redevelopment For The Employees?

For a workforce to maintain its productivity, human resources must invest in training and development. To better engage the employees and reduce turnover, HR department ought to see the value in training employees for their current jobs and use development initiatives to prepare them for future skills and responsibilities.

How can they do that?

  • Shadowing and cross-training

“Some of the best training opportunities are in-house. Allowing employees to pursue their interests and make the time to shadow a colleague in a related field or in a higher position benefits both the employees and the company.” – Angela Nguyen, Vice President of Human Capital Management, Ad Exchange Group

Mentorship allows employees to understand the daily tasks of a higher roles and the key responsibilities of the job, including other benefits. Cross-training allows employees to know and be familiar with the key responsibilities of other jobs in the company to increase their skills and effectiveness.

  • Improving shortcomings

Training and development helps individuals to work on their shortcomings. By doing so, efficiency can be better achieved and misjudgment of situations can be well avoided as well.

  • Learning and development should be an ongoing process

In this technological era where information flows at a fast rate, knowledge and skills can become obsolete in a matter of a few months. This creates the need to conduct regular trainings to update employees on the latest knowledge and updates on their respective industry. Learning and development ought to be an ongoing process.

  • Provide flexible learning options

Going for development programs on top of their daily workload may prove to be too overwhelming for the employees. Hence, it is important that management is flexible in training methods so that trainings can be more accessible by their employees, i.e. on-demand and mobile solutions.

In a study conducted by Robert Half[1], 42% of the respondents said that having a clear career path and opportunities for promotion are the main factors for job satisfaction. Respondents also reflected that they value training and development opportunities. Henceforth, it is essential that employers invest enough in training and development strategies to retain their employees as well.

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[1] Also commonly known as Robert Half International, is an American human resource consulting firm.


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