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Why Should You Invest In Your Employee?

A study reported that 70% of American workers are either uninspired or are disengaged at work, costing businesses more than $450 million in the year 2013. The reason behind this can be that employees do not feel supported, over-scrutinised or that they do not have job security. Employees who work in a high-stress state are more likely to be less effective, more distracted and have difficulty concentrating.


In contrast, when the environment is more supportive, employees have the space to be creative and outspoken, optimising their working capacity.


Using employee benefits can no longer differentiate a company like how they used to. In order to retain talents, companies need to offer unique advantageous, in other words, investing in employees.


One of the biggest motivation employees have, is having a sense of pride in their work. The more an employee leads his/her space, the more opportunity and credibility he/she will bring to her company. Employees ought to be given a chance to share their expertise with the public, becoming thought leaders.


While typical employee benefits such as insurance and bonuses are a great catch for retention, it will be wrong to assume that they are sufficient to retain talents. Organisations ought to organise in-house trainings that are fitted to the company and employees, to increase their capability. Such benefit can differentiate organisation from each other, especially if they are from the same industry.


Another way to sustain employees is to invest time in every one of them. This is especially important in smaller organisation. This can be done through having a better understanding of your workers, creating an environment of trust. Understanding the character of your employee allows you to better allocate task is suitable for them, increasing efficiency and develop self confidence that the same time.


Employees are the advantage that organisations should use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Employees will continue to value add the company if their efforts are being reciprocated by the management.


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