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New National Skill Framework Launched For Logistic Sector In Singapore

On Friday, 22 September 2017, a new national skills framework for the logistics sector in Singapore was launched.


The framework pointed out job roles, career pathways, and existing and emerging skills required in the logistics sector for growth and development. Job positions that will benefit from the new framework are namely warehouse management and operations, freight forwarding and operations, sales and customer service, etc.


On top of that, attention was also drew on emerging skills, such as, data and statistical analysis, automation design and cloud computing application.


This framework that was implemented seek to benefit people who are interested in joining the logistic industry, people who are already in the industry, as well as employees who want to invest in employee training in this aspect.


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentioned that the success of the framework can contribute S$8.3 billion to the economy and create 2,000 news jobs for PMETs by 2020.


PM Lee also emphasised that as technology evolves, and nature of businesses changes, jobs will require different and deeper skills. It is essential that organisations are actively investing in people to develop talent, retrain their staff, and provide knowledge and soft skills.


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