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Well Integrity Management

Since 2009 to 2015, it has been estimated that poor well integrity has cost operators around the world more than US$75 billion. The drop in oil prices and low margins are making operators sensitive to such risks. As a result, more emphasis are being placed on safety well integrity and regular maintenance.


Managing Director and founder of Wood Group Intetech, Dr Liane Smith had noted that almost a decade after the first well integrity management systems were implemented, operators are increasingly seeing the value of well integrity, as they are focused on squeezing maximum value from existing assets.


The issue of poor well integrity management was further highlighted in Well Integrity Conference 2015. At the conference, it was brought up that around half of the wells in the Middle East have integrity issues, of which 10-15% of them are categorised as critical.


Jamie Davies, FC Business Analyst, pointed out that despite the fact that well integrity management systems have been in place for around a decade, there are still a considerably amount of room for innovation and development. In order to be more effective in their efforts, organisations ought to invest in intelligent tools that can provide them real-time information.


Davies underlined that well integrity is key to successful oil and gas operations, and it is expected to be the key focus in the coming years.


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