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Why Is Basin Analysis Important?


Basin is a depression that accumulates sediments. It provides a good record of how the environment has changed over time and what tectonic processes may have been at work. For instance, if fossils are found after drilling into a sedimentary basin, it indicated that that part of the Earth surface was covered by ocean. From the record left In sedimentary basin, we can uncover a lot about the history of the Earth.


On top of that, basins are an ideal platform for vegetation to build and decay over time, and millions of years later, due to substantial pressures and temperatures caused by burial beneath more sediment can turn the biomass into oil and gas. Hence, basin analysis involves not only the decoding the sedimentary record but also accessing if the basin conditions are appropriate for hydrogen formation, and determining where in the basin is the best location to search for oil and gas.


Basin analysts are also keen in finding out about the process whereby a piece of continental crust stretches to produce an initial small depression and continues to stretch such that the continental crust becomes so thin can be emplaced to produce new oceanic crust. In addition, learning about the workings of these basin also provided the analysts with the fundamental information about how plate tectonics works.


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