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Infographic: How Engaged Are Global Employees?


Having engaged staff is one of the main driving factor of success in an organisation. They will also be more loyal as compared to their counterparts who are not as engaged. A large part of being engaged is linked to the feelings of realising their full potential in their respective role in the organistion.


In the latest Randstad Workmonitor, it was found that three in four of employees around the globe have expressed that they are engaged in their current position. This sentiment was even stronger in Asia Pacifiic where Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong have 83% of the employees stated that they are realising their full potential.


However, even with that in mind, there are still a large percentage (73%) of the global employees who feel that they need more training and education to stay up to date. This includes a large percentage in Malaysia (93%), Sinagpore (89%) and Hongkong (92%).


Managing director for Randstad Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia, Michael Smith, have emphasised that despite employees feeling that they have maximized the use of their skills in the organisation, for them to stay relevant, employees also realized that they need to upgrade their skills as well. Smith had also advised that organisations need to play their part to expand the skillset of their employees or risk losing their best talents.


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