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New Workforce Safety Policy Enforced In Singapore


In Singapore, from January 2018 onwards, the law will clam down harder on companies that neglect workers’ safety. The new policy that was passed down on 6 November 2017, stated that companies that are found guilty of serious workplace safety breaches could be fined up to $50k.


Hazardous practices includes:-

  • Firms’ failure to provide protective structures that prevent falls
  • Not appointing authorised people to supervise dangerous works


Singapore government aims to halt all unsafe work practices before any incidents can occur. This policy is implemented due to the surge of such potentially serious cases that has doubled from 13 in 2013 to 26 in 2016. The current measure taken by the government to cope with this trend is by issuing composition fines and stop-work orders.


The new policy also include the ministry to share recommendations and provide learning points from accidents before the conclusion of criminal proceedings are made. Criminal proceedings can take up to three years from the date of the accident. This change can serve as a case study for other organisation to take steps in order to prevent further accidents in the future.


On top of that, to make sure that WSH courses and teaching methods are up to date, their accreditation will be shifted from MOM to SkillsFuture Singapore, which is in charge of supervising the National Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) system.


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