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Pipeline Pre-Commissioning


Pre-commissioning is generally considered to include the preparation and integrity verification or structure upon completion of construction/installation and prior to commissioning.


Pre-commissioning includes all or the combination of operations to allow the pipeline or system to be cleaned, internally gauged pressure tested and dewatered and/or dried. Sometimes there can be a final operation to prepare the pipeline for product by introducing an ‘inert’ nitrogen blanket in preparation for hydrocarbon production. However, this is often considered to be a commissioning activity. De-commissioning can also be considered within the realms of the pre-commissioning discipline, allowing preparation of existing systems or infrastructure for maintenance, shut-down or preservation.


As per the rule of thumb in all areas of oil and gas industry, safety should always be highly regarded. Several pre-commissioning activities are conducted in high-risk environment, such as handling hazardous and highly flammable chemicals or gas. Risk assessments are expected to be carried out for all activities for pre-commissioning and operations must follow a procedural framework that has client’s approval.


There are several methods to carry our pre-commissioning. Subsea Pipeline Pre-Commissioning Operations Management is a 4-day workshop that will take participants through the pre-commissioning activities. Such activities include detail design issues related to testing, mechanical completion of the pipeline construction, the preparation activities and many more. This workshop will also allow participants to understand key issues such as risk assessments, environment protection, licenses/permits, safety training, logisitics and interfaces.  For more information, please visit us at or contact us at


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