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What Is Instrumented Safety System?


Instrumented safety systems have in place for a long time to fit protective systems to industrial process plant. These systems are independent of the normal process control, and have implementations in place to render the plant safe in the event of a malfunction.


It was until recently, that such systems have been designed with accordance to industrial best practices within the company or local level code of practice. The broad acceptance of IEC 61508/IEC 61511 standard is given safety equipment and users a common and universal framework on which to design products and systems for safety-related applications.


Functional safety is defined as part of the overall safety relating to the EUC and the EUC control system which depends on the correct functioning of E/E/PE (Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic System) safety-related systems, other technology safety-related system, and external risk reduction facilities.


Most organisations recognizes that in several countries, risk reduction need not be zero, and hence incorporated functional safety within the safety management systems in their organisation.


IEC 61508 is a ‘generic’ standard, intended to satisfy the needs of all industry sectors. It is a large document, consisting of seven parts and a total of about 400 pages. It has become a requirement for many organisations, and its principles are considered as good safety-management practice.


IEC 61511 is the international functional safety standard for the process industry. It is entitled ‘Functional Safety – Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector and is published in three parts. It is performance based rather than prescriptive; the design is based on risk analysis and providing the required risk reduction. Metrics are calculated to prove this out.


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