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3 Tips To Be An Efficient Loading Master

Firstly, what are the responsibilities of a Loading Master? A Loading Master oversees coordination of  all activities related to bulk carrier vessels. They manage the loading, transfer and discharge of all cargoes whilst maintaining safety standards. Responsibilities include the timely arrival of the ship, accuracy of all paperwork and communicating to all parties involve at every stage of terminal operations.

Here are three tips to be an efficient Loading Master:

  • Have expert knowledge

Knowledge is power, and especially so for Loading Masters. Oil terminals are required to comply with all international, national and local regulations. Hence, Loading Masters need to be knowledgeable and thoroughly understand these laws. It is important for Loading Masters to be abreast with the latest international guidelines and regulations concerning tankers and terminals, including physical properties and types of cargoes. They also need to demonstrate knowledge of ship and shore equipment, to have a safe and well-managed operation.

  • Be fully aware of the hazards

Providing a healthy and safe working environment is essential. A Loading Master needs to ensure that all operations are compliant with the regulatory system and recognised industry codes of practice, with minimum environmental impacts. If any emergencies occur, the Loading Master must be ready and capable of initiating a remedial response to mitigate the risks arising from any such emergencies.

  • Be an expert communicator

Loading Masters are always in constant communication, including with the deck officers during a loading operation, liaising with oil company surveyors and marine surveyors, just to name a few. Being an effective communicator with all stakeholders plays an important role in daily operations as they must be able to inform and verify information with all parties.

A Loading Master’s role is challenging as it requires a high degree of flexibility and an ability to direct and manage complex shipping operations in a timely manner.

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