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3 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs Business Intelligence

As more and more information is readily available, being able to effectively locate, collect and analyse data is important. When organisations are able to draw insights from these data, they are able to achieve a competitive advantage. This can be done by having the right statistical analysis tools and techniques, and Business Intelligence (BI) tools are programs designed just to do that. Here are three reasons why BI is the way forward:

  1. To gain valuable market intelligence

One of the biggest advantages of having a BI platform is gaining sales intelligence and customer insights. BI helps to collect customer data and present it in a very digestible way (i.e. tables, charts and reports). An analysis of customer spending patterns presents an opportunity to tailor products and services to better match their needs, hence improving the quality of products and services while increasing market share.

  1. Improve efficiency

BI platforms provide the ease and convenience of having all the organisation’s information at one place. It is easier and faster to look for various types of data as BI software helps to convert, merge and analyse information efficiently and accurately. Thus, removing information bottlenecks and improving efficiency. BI also provides real-time reports which eliminates the need for guesswork and human error.

  1. Boost staff productivity

Previously, employees need to manually collect, compile and analyse data before producing sales reports. This laborious process takes up a lot of time and effort. With BI, employees can now focus on interpreting the refined data and information processed to identify key trends and patterns. The streamlining of operations also means that employees are empowered to make quicker, well-informed decisions when information is readily available.


All in all, one of the biggest strengths of BI is having all the organisation’s information at one place. As important it is to adopt BI, it also just as important to have well-trained employees who can read and interpret the data presented.


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