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How To Be A Leader in the Digital Age

As the business world is evolving, leaders today are required to step up to the plate and ensure they are ready to lead and empower their employees in this digital age. Here are three traits that digitally savvy leaders need to possess today.


  • Passion for continuous learning

Leaders with an innate desire to learn the latest technology and equip themselves with a highly capable team will succeed in the digital age. As digitisation of operations are becoming more prevalent these days, having the willingness to learn and the enthusiasm to embrace innovation  keeps the business competitive. A survey revealed that 96% of leaders said digital transformation is a core business goal, while another 93% said technology is “critically” or “very” important to retaining a competitive advantage. Hence, having a desire to continuously learn and seek out new information will prevent leaders from getting left behind.


  • Be human-centric

This digital age calls for a leader who has a human-centric vision and someone who has a nuanced understanding of how humans and technology work together. Adopting and incorporating the latest technology into operations should improve employee productivity and streamline operations, not disrupt it. Successful leaders also have an open communication with their employees, and should be a familiar face to everyone in the company.


With the power of social media today, leaders also need to have an active role in having conversations with their customers. Engaging with them online and taking the time to respond to their queries and feedback is pivotal to businesses today, and a human-centric leader knows that catering to the customers’ needs is always a top priority.


  • Agile

Digitally savvy leaders need to be agile in mindset, behaviour and actions. They are able to anticipate and adapt to change, and be able to frequently evaluate business strategies and operations in response to them.


All in all, leaders should be an advocate for learning, promote innovation and challenge their employees to push the status quo. In this era, complacency is a fast track to failure.


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