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3 Lethal Process Safety Incidents

TX explosion

Major industrial process safety incidents highlight the need for good process safety management (PSM) systems in place within the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. Industrial incidents caused by failures of PSM systems are deadly and costly. For example, a fire and explosion accident at a PEMEX LPG terminal in Mexico City, left 600 dead and 7,000 injured. These incidents serve as an important reminder for companies to constantly review and improve safety protocols and equipment to be prepared in the event of dire emergency situations.


TX explosion

ARCO wastewater tank explosion

A wastewater tank exploded during the restart of a compressor in 1990. The failure to detect the increase in oxygen in the atmosphere led to formation of a flammable atmosphere in the tank. During the restart of the compressor, the tank ignited and killed 17 people. Damages were estimated to be $100 million.





Terra Industries plant explosion

Terra Industries PlantThe explosion was caused due to the lapses in the vessel shutdown operating procedures. Ammonium nitrate solution was found in several vessels, and combined with other conditions such as the strong acidic conditions in the neutralizer, led to the explosion which killed 4 people and 18 injured.







Formosa Plastics plant fire and explosion

Formosa Plastics

An explosion and fire at the Formosa Plastics plant was caused by the lack of operating procedures and protocols in place. Employees were also unprepared for major accidents at the facility. The explosion killed 5 workers and seriously injured 2 of them. The failure to follow operating procedures and poor communication ultimately led to the explosion, further highlighting the importance of proper emergency response planning and good PSM systems.







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