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Benefits of a Certified International Project Manager

International Project Manager

International Project Manager

For a project manager, achieving certification is a big asset and lends credibility to your title. Especially in today’s global business world, organisations are looking for a project manager who has a good understanding of the international environment and recognises the implications on project costs, project risks, project timeline, stakeholders and more. Therefore, gaining an internationally-relevant accreditation has many benefits to your employability, credibility and relevancy in today’s workforce.    


  • Better Job Opportunities

Project management is an evergreen need in the workplace, with 85% of firms having a Project Management Office (PMO) in 2016, up 5% from 2014. This is great news for project managers, and especially those who have certification. This high demand means project managers have to be the best to be presented with the best job opportunities. One way to do so is by being certified as it tells employers that you are equipped with international knowledge and skill sets.


  • Credibility

Being certified by a globally recognised body such as the American Academy of Project Management offers credibility to your resume and indicates to future employers that you have an in depth understanding of project management. Furthermore, having an international viewpoint provides a competitive edge amongst others as projects today are no longer only set in local contexts only. Globalisation has a lot of implications on project management, such as technological issues, infrastructure, human resource and environmental factors. Hence, having the know-how to manage international projects and being certified further increases your credibility and relevancy.


  • Industry Expert

There are several key issues unique to international projects only. One of them includes understanding the terms in international commercial contracts. For example, there are different classifications of terms and conditions, different forms of liability, understanding indemnity and understanding the difference between novation and assignment of contracts. International projects also require the project manager to consider the cultural differences when dealing with negotiations and being able to effectively manage international teams. Therefore, a unique set of knowledge is required to be an expert in international project management.   


Certified International Project Manager is a 3-day AAPM-accredited course held in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Perth, designed for delegates to gain an essential understanding of international business and the role of international projects and their management. The course will cover key issues of international finances, international contracts, project risk management and more. For more information, please visit us at or contact us at

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