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Changes to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code (Amendment 38-16)

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), Edition 16

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) Edition 16

The 2016 edition to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code will be in effect from January 1, 2018, and incudes the 38-16 amendments. Here is a summary of the significant changes to the 2016 Edition of the IMDG Code.

  • 8 new United Nations (UN) numbers have been added (UN3527 to UN3534), covering polyester resin kits, polymerizing substances both solid and liquid, and engines and machinery.


  • 6 UN numbers that are newly identified as Marine Pollutant (UN1208, UN1218, UN1791, UN2057, UN2294, UN2296)


  • Engines, along with vehicles, were previously covered by UN3166, this UN number has been amended to only cover vehicles, with engines and machinery covered by new UN numbers UN3528 to UN3530. Vehicles are still not subject to the provisions of the Code if the conditions noted in the revised special provision 961 are met.


  • A new Class 9 label has been adopted for use when lithium metal and lithium ion cells are being shipped. The latter type of cell being that used in mobile phones and other devices which have reportedly caught fire / exploded previously.


  • Several new packing instructions have been added, and special provisions added, updated or removed.


  • 9 New Entries have been added to the 38-16th Amendment (UN0510, U3527 ~ UN3534)


The 38-16 amendments have been incorporated into the 2016 edition of the IMDG Code which has recently been published by the IMO. The 2014 Supplement to the Code has not been updated and remains valid.


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