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Introduction to Drilling and Completion and Well Intervention (CWI)

Well Intervention

Well Intervention


With over 5,000 oil and gas wells globally, well intervention is used to extend the life of wells and keep up with the rising demand for oil and gas. All oil and gas wells require maintenance over time, and well intervention helps repair damaged and underperforming wells. Well intervention is executed by light or medium intervention vessels or mobile offshore drilling units (MODU).


There are two types of interventions – light and heavy. Light interventions involve well service personnel to perform repairs inside a flowing oil or gas production line throughout the whole well. This is done by using coiled tubing, electric line (e-line), slickline and braided wireline to perform through-tubing. The through-tubing procedure is used for a variety of tasks, such as removal of obstruction, changing equipment such as valves or pumps and gathering data such as pressure, temperature and flow rate.


Heavy interventions, also known as workovers, require personnel to have full access to the wellbore and require them to remove the wellhead to do so. Heavy intervention work includes replacing the tubing strings, pumps and recompletions of wells.  Another example of a heavy intervention procedure is snubbing, also known as hydraulic workover, where a pipe string is added into the well using a hydraulic workover rig.


Introduction To Drilling And Completion and Well Intervention (CWI) is a 3-day course held from 3 – 5  September 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, designed to provide an understanding to the drilling process and the well intervention process, as well as develop an understanding of the full selection process of a well and its complications. Participants will also get a chance to discuss well design and construction, as well as understand the need for Well and Reservoir Maintenance (WRM). For more information, please visit us at or contact us at


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