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Risk Management by Systems Thinking

What is systems thinking?

Systems thinking refers to the understanding that different parts of a system can influence one another within a whole. The difference between systemic thinking and analytical thinking is the difference in relationship between the different parts of a system. Systemic thinking requires multiple skill sets and garners a holistic view of the system, while analytical thinking requires the breaking down of a system into simpler parts to examine how each part works together.

Systems thinking today

In today’s modern world, the increase in communication and accessibility of information poses a different set of risks for business. Organisational structures today are becoming more and more complex, and the traditional linear problem solving method is no longer effective in providing the best solutions. The cause-and-effect relationship is no longer applicable in a world where everything is connected and systematic consequences come into play.


Globalisation brings about increased risk and uncertainty in businesses and ecosystems alike. The increased complexity makes it harder to determine the source of risks in these complex systems, while highlighting the interdependent nature of risks in organisations. Studies show that the best way to manage risks and enhance sustainability, is to build resiliency and incorporate it into the organisation. Hence, effective management of risk requires a systems thinking approach – and understanding how systems influence one another within a whole.


Risk management by systems thinking is a 2-day course held from 16 – 17 August 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, designed to teach businesses, organizations or individuals to manage their risks in a more profitable manner through systems thinking. The course will cover sustainability, systems theory, determining risk and value awareness and understanding how to apply systemic risk management within the company. For more information, please visit us at or contact us at

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