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Introduction to Drilling and Completion and Well Intervention (CWI)

The Big Crew change

The Big Crew change


Over the last couple of years the E&P industry has lost a lot of expertise as a result of lay-offs and from the experienced staff retiring; the Big Crew change. Steady and healthier elevated crude oil prices have seen a recovering of activity level, necessitating the hiring of new staff by Service Providers and Oil and Gas Operators.

Young staff currently joining the Industry, to replace that lost staff, find themselves in an alien world full of specialized terminology, technology and in fact full of risk exposure. With hardly any experienced “mentors” around, almost no more active E&P training schools, they are struggling to grasp the skills and knowledge to be able to perform and enjoy the work.


Drilling Completion Well Intervention


This course is providing knowledge and experience form years of exposure and skills from a lecturer with over 30 years Industry experience. Being familiar with the training needs of his former team, he possesses the right skills to conduct this training and get the candidates up to the right level to perform in their new positions.


Drilling Completion Well Intervention

Drilling Completion Well Intervention


The class covers the various types of drilling operations and the applied technology to drill a well; offshore or on land.

Following the drilling of the well, the class then covers the next step; the installation of the Production conduit.

The various types of reservoirs are discussed, how to connect the well to the reservoir, how to design for stress as a result of pressure, temperature effects, corrosion etc. These two steps have then delivered an oil or gas-well ready for production.

Well intervention is discussed next as this is the technology to assure the well continues producing at optimum volumes and lowest operating cost. The various ways to gather reservoir data, repair the well and/or restore production are covered.

At the end of the 3 day class the attendees will have a good understanding of how a well is drilled, production conduit is designed and installed and how the well is kept producing to produce the maximum rate of reservoir volume.

The class uses interactive group exercises, real life examples from the lecturer’s career working for one of the Bigger Operators and use visual presentations of the equipment and technology used.


Introduction To Drilling And Completion and Well Intervention (CWI) is a 3-day course held from 3 – 5  September 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, designed to provide an understanding to the drilling process and the well intervention process, as well as develop an understanding of the full selection process of a well and its complications. Participants will also get a chance to discuss well design and construction, as well as understand the need for Well and Reservoir Maintenance (WRM). For more information, please visit us at or contact us at

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