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Skills Needed For Project Managers To Be International Ready

International Project Manager

International Project Manager


As organisations continue to internationalise and increase their global presence, the discipline of project management grows in importance and the role of the Project Manager becomes more crucial to the successful delivery and achievement of the organisation’s business goals. Hence, project managers today need to be international ready and certified in doing so to keep up with the demands of the business world. Here are some of the skills needed by project managers to be internationally ready.


  • Adaptability

In a fast-paced environment, an international project manager needs to be able to quickly respond to changes in the industry and adapt accordingly. While planning is important, being able to work with the team to overcome these challenges is essential to be successful in today’s business world.


  • Culturally Sensitive

An international project manager is able to seamlessly integrate into different cultures and understand the different cultural norms and beliefs when doing so. In the planning stage, the international project manager is able to understand and take into account the local conditions and requirements, while working with them and incorporating to ensure the timely delivery of the project.


  • Excellent Communicator

An excellent project manager is one who is an excellent communicator and skilled to break down any language barriers present with working internationally. Being able to coordinate project teams and working with the relevant local stakeholders is an important skill as it allows a mutually beneficial relationship to be forged with relevant stakeholders. By successfully managing stakeholders, the project manager is able to set the project scope, ensure project requirements are aligned and mitigate risks and issues without affecting the project timeline. Hence, he/she can resolve or prevent any potential issues and ensuring that the right information is clearly delivered.


With over 97% of organizations believing project management is critical to business performance and organizational success, the need for project managers to be well-equipped with the right skills increasingly important. In summary, an effective international project manager is flexible, excellent at problem solving and highly sociable. He/She must have these set of attributes and be able to deliver projects successfully anywhere.


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