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3 Ways the Digital Age Will Impact the Workplace

HR In A Digital Age

HR In A Digital Age


The role of Human Resources (HR) has evolved significantly over the past decade to align itself with the constant changing business environment and technology. HR as a function will continue to shift its focus from operating and administrative effectiveness to establishing a structure that is able to facilitate business growth and operational excellence. Here are some ways companies are incorporating the latest technologies into the workplace.


  • Artificial intelligence becomes embedded in the workplace

The use of AI in our everyday products and AI vendors supporting all types of companies is becoming more common. Companies are opting for technologies that help streamline repetitive tasks. For example, organisations such as IBM are tapping on intelligent assistants or chatbots, to handle employee recruitment, employee development and personalised learning experiences. Come 2020, AI will be critically important to the 3.7 million workers, or 2.8% of the workforce, who are expected to work remotely at least half of the time and will not have direct access to an HR department.

Chatbots, which are programs that facilitate text conversations, are expected to save companies over $79 million dollars in salary expenditures annually. Nearly 20% of companies have already deployed chatbots in the workplace, with an anticipated 57% by 2021.


  • Importance of data literacy

Data literacy refers to the ability to work with and interpret data to draw insights, such as user experience and employee productivity rates. Machine learning uses data to learn what creates success in a company. Data collected from performance algorithms, allows the machine to define the offerings for employee success. Digital transformation in the workplace involves using data analytics to assess and structure data with algorithms to continually learn about the company. Being able to draw insights from these numbers is a valuable skill, with increasing significance in the future.


  • Increased focus on upskilling current employees

The advancements in technology has led to a change in the skill set companies are looking for in their employees, which has led to the growing skills gap. As more industries become disrupted, companies are evolving their business models to align with new customer demands. With more and more tasks being automated, some job roles will be deemed irrelevant. Employers will be investing more money into their training and development programs in 2018 in order to fill their skills gaps.

IBM found that 84% of employees at the best performing organizations are receiving the training they need compared to only 16% at the worst performing ones. When employees are appropriately trained, companies save an average of $70,000 annually and receive a 10% increase in productivity.


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