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6 Essentials for Media Crisis Management

Media Crisis Management

Media Crisis Management


Being able to manage the media is crucial to the operations of any organisation. Whether for a product launch, quarterly announcement or crisis management, the spokesperson needs to be able to convey messages clearly, concisely and convincingly.


Crises are inevitable for businesses but being prepared through proper training and having the right spokesperson to speak in front of the media is key. Crisis management is an essential skill for all businesses. Crisis management is key to effectively manage an organisation’s reputation in times of crisis. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can wipe out stock valuations and cost more than one individual their jobs. Therefore, communicating messages effectively and developing a comprehensive strategy to engage and manage the media is an essential part of successfully managing any organization during a crisis.


Here is a list of 6 crisis management essentials to be prepared during a media crisis.


  1. A clear and organized team

When a crisis hits, timing is crucial. Having a dedicated, structured team to deal with the crisis prevents any confusion on the steps to be taken next. This aids in delivering an agile and swift response to deal with the crisis.


  1. A prepared and trained spokesperson

A spokesperson becomes the voice of your company and it is crucial to note that the strength of the spokesperson makes a significant difference in how your company is covered by the press, and in some instances, whether it’s covered at all. A great spokesperson understands the media and knows how to communicate with them effectively to get the message across.


  1. Clear sign-off process

A clear sign-off process provides an extra round of checks to make sure that any communication related to the crisis is accurate and properly phrased. This prevents any potential mishaps that may worsen the situation, for example when someone from the team rushes and communicates the wrong message to the media.


  1. A first contact list

In a crisis, the first contact list involves other stakeholders besides the media – such as suppliers, investors and major clients – who may need a quicker response in reassuring them about what’s going on.

Put together a list of all the people who will need to be contacted as soon as possible in the case of a problem. Think about the best person internally to contact them and make sure they’re included in all discussions around the crisis.


  1. Social media response plan and process

Social media is a powerful tool for organisations. Information, be it true or false, spreads like wildfire and any posts or messages posted by the organisation or members of the organisation is quickly seen by the public. This makes things difficult to control, which is why the guide suggests setting up monitoring in advance. A proper response strategy is required in such situations.


  1. A collectively cool head

Having a well-designed strategy helps ease the situation and the crisis team must be prepared and properly trained to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.


Media Crisis Management is a 2-day training course held from 20 – 21 November 2018 (Singapore) designed for anyone who must act as a spokesperson for an organization during a crisis. It is intended for beginner/intermediate level spokespersons. Participants will learn how to prepare for interviews, deliver press statements, and manage questions effectively under pressure. The skills can easily be applied to non-crisis situations, although the main focus will be on high pressure scenarios. For more information, please contact us at


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