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Top 5 Best Oil and Gas Training Companies in Singapore

Oil and Gas Training Masterclass
Oil and Gas Training Masterclass

Opus Kinetic Oil and Gas Training Masterclass

The Oil and Gas industry has always been playing an important role in everyday’s life. However, with the emergence of new sources, business models and companies, significant changes in the industry can be observed. As international demands for the products of oil and gas industry soars to a new height each year coupled with the challenges faced currently, it is crucial that the professionals in the Oil and Gas industry recognizes the need of keeping up with the advancements through learning and self-improvements to ensure competencies and be equipped with a competitive advantage.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and have a look at the Top 5 Oil and Gas training companies available in Singapore. Do note that these are not in any particular order.

Petroedge Asia

Petroedge Asia offers a variety of management and operations courses in Singapore, which includes Bunker Quality and Claims Management, Risks Management, and LNG Terminal Operations.


Petroskills sought to improve organisations performance. Offering a only few courses in Singapore (as they are more focused in the United States), they provide basics and fundamentals of offshore systems design and construction, and approach to evaluation of resources.

CWC School

CWC School specializes in contractual, fiscal and management training courses as they covers a variety of related topics, from oil and gas fiscal to gas and LNG contracts analysis.


Petroknowledge, like Petroedge Asia, offers a variety of management, operations and sales courses. However, most of them are overseas. Having their office based in Abu Dhabi, Aberdeen and Houston, it’s no wonder they don’t have much courses in Singapore.

Opus Kinetic

Opus Kinetic is a leading consultancy and cost effective training provider. Offering quality assured training, Opus Kinetic promotes industry growth through imparting cutting edge knowledge to delegates, hence enhancing their ability to excel at their respective job scopes. They also cover a wide variety of topics – including important safety topics like safety case regime and ALARP.

Why is safety so important in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Safety plays a very crucial role in the Oil and Gas Industry, especially the age of technology when safety maybe easily overlooked. The video accurately explains why safety is the top priority in the oil and gas industry.

If you need more information in regards to safety case and how to prepare it, simply contact us as we are more than delighted to share with you the relevant knowledge you may need. If you wish to learn more about our Safety Case Regime Masterclass, feel free to send us your inquiries!

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Opus Kinetic believes that people are why organisations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job is integral for success. We pride ourselves as the premier provider of knowledge, offering acclaimed in-house trainings, and many others professional training courses spanning from various industries. Our training courses are well researched and updated with the latest industry trends. For more information on our professional training programs, check out our event calendar.  

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