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Why Attend a Training Course with Opus Kinetic?

While there are many training providers out there, a good training provider is able to understand and customise the training course according to your needs. When choose a training provider, look out for one that is led by a subject matter expert who has a deep understanding of the industry and topic at hand. Avoid generalised course agendas and ensure that the learning materials provided are relevant and up to industry standards.


Here at Opus Kinetic, we ensure we provide quality, well-researched courses that sets us apart from the rest.

ISO certified

ISO certified training provider

  • ISO: 29990:2010 accredited

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 29990:2010 is the international standard for learning services for non-formal education and training. It specifies all the basic requirements for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training.

The success of being awarded with the ISO standard, recognises and certifies that Opus Kinetic’s training courses in the field of professional development, are high quality and meet the international standard.




  • Certified training needs analysis consultants

Opus Kinetic is recognised as a leading provider of professional consulting services in assessing your company’s business risks. Our experience ranges from delivering small self-contained work packages to managing complex multi-disciplinary projects with many stakeholders.


Our unique approach consists of a blend of scientific and management skills, proven methodologies, up-to-date analytical tools and data and a practical outlook. Our collective expertise and experience means we provide solutions for our clients, backed by our reputation to successfully deliver and provide value-for-money services.


We also provide in-house training programs that are specialised training programs and solutions tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.


  • Well-researched courses

Before each course, rigorous research is carried out to find out the needs of the targeted attendees. We ensure the topics selected for the course are relevant and applicable to your needs. We make sure we understand the topics you need to master in order to perform your work optimally. Hence, our courses are specially tailored and designed for you to be in line with the highest possible industry standards.


  • Tailored course agendas and learning materials

Our trainers are leading industry experts who are highly experienced in their respective fields. With that, we work together with them to prepare a wholesome course agenda and key objectives that will benefit you the most. Learning materials come in various forms such as presentation slides, case studies, actual images and videos, group exercises and real-life examples to maximise your learning.


Opus Kinetic believes that people are why organisations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job is integral for success. We pride ourselves as the premier provider of knowledge, offering acclaimed in-house trainings, and many others professional training courses spanning from various industries. Our training courses are well researched and updated with the latest industry trends. For more information on our professional training programs, check out our event calendar


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