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Best Practices for Commissioning Offshore Projects

Offshore Platforms

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Offshore Platforms

Integrated Offshore Commissioning


Commissioning of mega offshore projects, whether it is an FPSO, a GBS, a steel jacket or other concepts, is a large and complex undertaking which all too often do not receive enough management focus at the early stages of the project. For example, providing enough upfront quality planning (front end loading) and preparations in place, and making sure practical risk assessments are viewed as a continuous activity throughout the project.

Focusing on controlling critical success factors helps to successfully deliver on the commissioning plan. Successful capital project investment depends on successful project commissioning and startup. Commissioning and startup (CSU) success is a key driver of overall capital project success. A study conducted by Construction Industry Institute identified 16 critical success factors (CSFs) that drive commissioning and startup success.


The Critical Success Factors for Commissioning/Startup are:

  • CSU Value Recognition
  • Critical Interfaces on Brownfield Projects
  • Adequate Funding for CSU
  • Alignment among Owner PM, Operations, CSU, Engineering, and Construction
  • CSU Leadership Continuity
  • System Milestone Acceptance Criteria and Deliverables
  • CSU Systems Engineering during FEED
  • Recognition of CSU Sequence Drivers
  • Detailed CSU Execution Plan
  • Systems-focus in Detailed Design
  • CSU Check-sheets, Procedures, and Tools
  • CSU Team Capability
  • Integrated Construction/CSU Schedule
  • Accurate As-built Information
  • Transition to Systems-based Management
  • Collaborative Approach to Construction-CSU Turnover


The 16 CSU critical success factors provide meaningful insight and substantial guidance for project teams seeking high levels of CSU performance. Follow-through efforts by management should pertain to CSF implementation and periodic assessment of actual CSF achievement.

Each CSF for any linkages to project quality and safety, with a focus on how failure to implement the CSF could threaten quality and safety performance.

For example, the first CSF – CSU Value Recognition – recognition of the positive effects of a successful CSU helps to reinforce quality driven results. However, the lack of justified investment and resources threaten safety and quality.


To full the view report, click here: Achieving Success in the Commissioning and Startup of Capital Projects: Implementing Critical Success Factors


Integrated Offshore Commissioning is a 3-day training course held from 26 – 28 August 2019 (Kuala Lumpur) designed to further enhance management and team member’s focus on the critical success factors that must be controlled in order to successfully deliver on the commissioning plan.

The course will be divided in 4 separate modules that collectively will cover a variety of issues such as: planning principles, building the schedule, figures and factors, and more. Practical workshops and interactive discussions are vital parts of the course. Participants will be assigned to teams and work on real cases as well as being challenged to design ideal set ups based on the given course material.


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