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Environmental Sustainability In Oil & Gas Industry 2019


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Environmental Sustainability for Oil, Gas, Energy Industry


The issue of environmental sustainability has always been a major concern for governments and players from the oil and gas industry worldwide. However, the increased consumer awareness of environmental, climate impacts and societal expectations pushed the industry to embrace and incorporate sustainability.

Sustainability is now, the center of strategy and investment decisions, and major oil companies are investing in renewable energy. Other industry players such as natural gas producers, shippers, and consumers are increasing their focus on mitigating methane emissions.

Major oil, gas, and chemicals companies are making increasingly sizable investments in companies and technologies that bring renewable, low-carbon energy to consumers and to reduce their own environmental and carbon footprints.

Technology advancements has also broadened the scope and pace of growth for low-carbon energy, autonomous and electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and distributed energy.



BP is targeting zero net growth in operational emissions, by improving the efficiency of existing operations and designing major project to emit fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs). BP has set a sustainable emissions reductions target of 3.5 million tonnes out to 2025. This is delivered via improved energy efficiency, fewer methane emissions and reduced flaring – all leading to permanent, quantifiable GHG reductions. BP also aims for zero routine flaring by 2030, as part of an initiative by the World Bank.



Chevron integrates GHG emissions management into the execution of business activities. Various activities include methane management, flaring reduction, energy efficiency and producing biofuels alongside traditional petroleum products.

Chevron is a founding partner of The Environmental Partnership, led by the American Petroleum Institute. The partnership is an industry initiative with the goal of accelerating improvements to reduce methane and volatile organic compound emissions.


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