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6 Skills of an International Project Manager

Skills of an International Project Manager

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Skills of an International Project Manager


Today a lot of people are under the designation of International Project Manager but there are very few of them who are successful and doing justice to the role. As project managers advance in their career, their role becomes more complex and demanding. In order to survive in this competitive market, they need to constantly brush up their skillset.


Here are the top 6 skills which an international project manager should possess:

  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Negotiation
  4. Cost management
  5. Risk Management
  6. Adaptability


Leader is not a position but it’s a responsibility. Having the ability to lead is one the of most important skill of any manager. A manager’s role isn’t just limited to supervising and co-ordinating the tasks so that everything runs smoothly but to also set a vision and encourage the employees to collectively work towards it.


Communication is an essential skillset of a project manager even more so when you are handling projects that are geographically dispersed. An effective project manager shouldn’t face any language barrier when communicating internationally with the clients or stakeholders.


  • Negotiation

Whether working internationally or domestically, the two parties working together on the project(s) would often face conflicts when trying to make a deal as both parties want what’s most beneficial to them. An effective project manager has the skill to negotiate between the two parties and suggest a win-win situation for all parties involved.


  • Cost management

It’s not just about who delivered their projects and who did not but it’s more who got it done at the least cost in the stipulated time period. Due to such competitive market, companies have very tight budgets to deliver these projects. A project manager who knows how to manage the finances responsibly would be at an advantage.


  • Risk Management

As project managers move ahead in their career, they would take on more complex and risky projects. Any hiccups faced during the project will disrupt the schedule and budget. An effective project manager should be able to foresee any risks that he/she might face and should plan in advance to minimize the damage to from it.


  • Adaptability

In this fast-paced environment, project managers need to be on their toes to quickly respond and adapt to changes in the workplace. A project manager who is tech savvy would have an upper hand over others since a lot of projects are now handled digitally and it’s the tech industry where the advancements happen the quickest.


With over 97% of organizations believing project management is critical to business performance and organizational success, the need for global project managers to be well-equipped with the right skills increasingly important. Along with possessing these skills what makes you stand out from others is certification. The reasons why you should get certified is because it’s a proof of leadership, your skill depth and it adds credibility to your resume.


Benefits of a Certified International Project Manager


International Project Manager is a 3-day AAPM-accredited training course held from 29 June – 1 July 2020 (Kuala Lumpur), designed for delegates to gain an essential understanding of international business and the role of international projects and their management. The course will cover key issues of international finances, international contracts, project risk management and more.


International Project Manager
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