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Bids and Tenders, why now is the time

Bids and Tenders, why now is the time

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Bids and Tenders: Why now is the time

<Bids and Tenders: Why now is the time>

One strange side effect of the world being in lockdown has been that a unique opportunity has been given to organisations to rethink. To stop doing what they always did, to stop trying harder. They have the opportunity to do things differently, to do things easier, to do things better.

Supply chains around the world are in disarray and whilst demand over the past couple of months may have been suppressed very soon markets will once again be dialled up. For many it may be a time of great relief but be warned, you will hear mountaineers say that climbing to the summit is the easy part, getting down is where the real danger lies. Now is the time to pause, take a breath, check your equipment, make the changes required and make sure you are truly ready.

Being agile is a trademark of people who are winners in challenging environments. Having an approach that enables them to ensure that they are constantly able to get the very best equipment to meet a very specific need is not just important but can literally be the difference between not only surviving, but thriving.

If COVID-19 has taught us one thing it is that we need to evolve at a rate very different from the past. Taking that approach into our supplier engagement solutions is for many a tough step but like the mountaineer, thinking the same and just doing what we have always done  for the next leg of the journey is no longer an option.

Bids and tenders are used for the provision of millions of product lines across business everyday but ask yourself:

  • Does our bid and tender process really enable us all to get the best equipment to meet that very specific need or…….
  • Are we missing something here that we hadn’t seen before?
  • Could our supply chain and the relationships within it be better?
  • Do our suppliers really know what our world looks and feels like and if they did could they provide something different that will help us, our clients and their customers in turn?

Our anecdotal feedback from companies large and small is showing that the early days of panic and reaction as COVID-19 took a hold are now steadily moving aside to a period of thought and proactivity. Planning for how to make the most of a “new world” and seeking out best practice from around the globe.

Those involved in building and managing supply chains are thinking very differently about all aspects of how they build their procurement through bids and tenders and using this time to check their kit.

Time is limited, don’t let fatigue of reaching the summit be your downfall, join the winners who will be using this time to consider if  they could be doing things differently, doing things easier, doing things better by joining an Opus Kinetic live and interactive workshops on optimising how you manage your Bid, Tender and Supplier Engagement.

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Blog – Most Common Types of Tender and Tendering Process

Bid Management & Tender Evaluation is a 3-day training course held from 24 – 26 August 2020 (Kuala Lumpur) designed to fully equip delegates with the necessary understanding, skills, tools and templates to swiftly and effectively implement world-class tendered procurement strategies and processes. Gain an understanding and leverage the relationships between commercial requirements and contractual frameworks in supplier negotiation. Ensure your organisation is able to capitalise on the many opportunities available when utilising a class leading approach to a well-structured and thought out, tender process.

Unable to make it to the course? Contact us for other available dates.

Bid Management and Tender Evaluation 24-26 Aug 2020, KL

Bid Management and Tender Evaluation 24-26 Aug 2020, KL

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