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Oil & Gas

  • Lead Process Safety Metrics by IChemE
    Describes the safety guidelines and defines a set of leading metrics across all functional elements of an organisation.


  • Process Safety Competency by IChemE
    Describes the steps to take to create the generic process safety competency framework for different types of roles in an organisation.



  • Safety Case Technical Guide for MHI companies in Singapore
    Describes how a safety case should be prepared to meet the requirements of the WSH (MHI) Regulations.






  • Body of Knowledge for API 936 Refractory Personnel WEF 2017
    Describes the categories of knowledge for all API certified 936 personnel.


  • Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan 2016-2020 by DOSH
    Provides an overview of the 2020 direction and aims of the Government to uphold occupational safety and health.


  • Strategic Plan for Occupational Safety and Health SMI 2020 by DOSH
    Describes the OSHMP 2020 strategies and management enhancement at workplace programmes aimed at SMEs.