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API 936 Refractory Inspection Code

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes   The API 936 Refractory Personnel certification is an industry-recognised certification for inspectors in the industry. It sets the standard for inspectors who are trained in refractory systems, as they hold the knowledge of API STD 936 Refractory Installation Quality Control Guidelines. API 936 certification, valid for a 3-year term, raises the…

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Estimated reading time: 6 minutes   The level of competition in the oil and gas industry has been increasing with time. The recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics show the demand for industrial engineers in the coming decade grow at around 8% which is higher than the average of all job occupation…

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API 936 Certification Program

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes   Refractory materials and lining reliability are key to increasing the performance of fired heaters, incinerators, kilns and reactors across a range of industries. The proper refractory lining optimises production yield and minimises energy costs, while enabling consistent high performance of a furnace over the lifecycle of the refractory lining…

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