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Managing Project Costs & Budgets

About this Training Course The achievement of successful project delivery is directly underpinned by focus and attention on the effective and efficient management of the financial dynamic. The project environment is uncertain and project teams must operate, not only within this uncertainty but also subject to multiple constraints. Understanding that a project is subject to…

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3 Reasons why cost overruns occur

Average reading time 5 minutes Project managers handle different aspects of a project from ensuring the project is within scope to managing the cost of the project. An important aspect of managing a project is cost. According to a report by Standish Group, 71 percent of projects experienced a cost overrun. Hence, project cost is…

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project management

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes   The foundation of project management involves managing costs and scheduling. They are strategic elements to ensure efficiency and profitability, and successful integration of project schedule and cost will ensure project success. Scheduling projects allows your projects to be completed in a timely, quality, and financially responsible manner. To keep…

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