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risk communication training

Why Choose this Training Course Risk communication plays a critical role in protecting and even enhancing corporate reputation, stakeholder trust, and economic success. This risk communication training programme will enable you to achieve competitive advantages by teaching you how to help your stakeholders keep risk in perspective and move your own agenda forward by changing…

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The 4 Most Common Risk Mitigation Strategies

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes   Project risk management is defined as the process of identifying, analyzing and then responding to any risk that arises over the life cycle of a project to help the project remain on track and meet its goal. Managing project risks is a process that includes risk identification and assessment,…

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Risk Fraud and Security Prevention

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes     In recent years, procurement fraud, also known as contract fraud, is becoming more commonplace across Southeast Asia. With the region’s predicted GDP to be US$4 trillion by 2022, it is going to become the fifth-largest economy worldwide. This puts the ASEAN market in the international spotlight, further highlighting…

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes     Combating procurement fraud is vital due to the disastrous impacts’ procurement fraud brings. In Southeast Asia, procurement fraud costs US$140billion each year. Nearly all organisations will have been victims of procurement fraud and the consequences can be much greater than the value of the fraud. The most common types of…

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