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4 Phases of a Turnaround

Average reading time is 8 minutes Shutdowns and turnarounds are often major tasks during a plant’s life cycle. This is because such tasks improve the life expectancy of the plant, helps in maintaining inventory levels and reduces the magnitude in an event of a loss in revenue. However, since shutdowns are labour intensive and costly…

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The 5 Key Principles of Maintenance Planning

Average reading time 8 minutes Planning and scheduling are the anchors for any asset-intensive organization.  Maintenance scheduling for Oil and Gas companies will be like other asset-intensive organizations but should be tweaked to align with the industry. Scheduling can make or break a maintenance organization. Good scheduling increases asset reliability and uptime. Poor scheduling increases…

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Turnaround Management Oil and Gas

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes   Plant turnarounds are one of the most important events in the routine operation of an oil and gas plant. As turnarounds are huge costs, they must strictly be done under the stipulated budget and timeline. Any delay poses huge financial costs that can largely affect the plant’s bottom line.…

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Plant turnaround and shutdown

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes   Turnarounds are major events for refineries and other petrochemical facilities. They typically cost significant sums of operational expense and capital expense money to execute. There is a major loss of revenue when the facility is shut down, causing lost opportunity cost and profits through lost production. If poorly managed,…

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Oil Rig Plant

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes   Refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants are all major investments. Ongoing care and maintenance of the assets can involve up to 50% of the initial capital investment over the life of the plant. Increasing use of process plants by contractors is used to so support the maintenance and turnarounds…

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