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Accidents are more often the result of workplace culture than any other factors combined. This course will help participants understand well-managed behaviour-based safety system that can improve the profitability and the organization’s operational efficiency. This program upholds above all else, a “Safety-First” culture. This will be presented through various techniques in generating developing, and maintaining a BBS management system that will be able to resolve risky behaviours.

The program will look at how many current risk management processes “set up” the workforce for failure, and then the impact this environment has on the workforce culture and individuals behaviours. In a workshop-style training environment, we identify the “bigger picture” regarding poor workplace morale and the impact it has on workplace operations and operational costs. Several case studies will be discussed in order to learn from past catastrophic incidents in the oil and gas industry. Moreover, in-depth class discussion will be facilitated to promote a good exchange of first-hand field knowledge amongst delegates.

Who Should Attend

  • HSE Managers/Engineers/Executives
  • Project Managers/Engineers/Executives
  • HR & Training Managers/Executives
  • Operations Managers/Engineers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Team Leaders & Department Heads

Key Learning Points

  • Gain thorough understanding of the basic elements of BBS and how it can be applied in your team
  • Integrate application of BBS framework in improving and upholding optimum safety standards and work productivity
  • Structure BBS into measurable parameters in terms of safety improvements and performance efficiency
  • Understand the human behavior and LEARN how to manage that behavior
  • Improve employee “buy in” to workplace issues & OVERCOME the “us & them” attitude within an organization
  • Apply workforce management procedures that support good moral
  • Promote teamwork as a means of improving productivity and cost reduction


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