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Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques

27th June 2016


The objective of hydraulic fracturing is to create a conductive pathway from the formation to the wellbore that optimizes, if not, maximizes well productivity. Though this goal seems simple, achieving this necessarily involves nearly every technical discipline in the oil industry. Though fractures are created for many reasons, the creation of this conductive path is necessarily a multi-discipline process. To truly achieve the fracturing objectives knowledge and interaction of rock and fluid mechanics, drilling, field operations, the geosciences (geology and geophysics), and reservoir engineering disciplines must be applied and all brought together at the well site.  This course reinforces best practices of hydraulic fracturing and imbues you with thorough knowledge on how to perform hydraulic fracturing efficiently.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • Appreciate strengths and limitations of hydraulic fracturing theory as it relates to field applications
  • Evaluate fracturing treatments for all types of reservoirs
  • Apply effective hydraulic fracturing techniques for improved production capabilities
  • Evaluate fracturing treatment successes
  • Boost production above normal predictions
  • Gain lessons learnt from case studies and latest R&D
  • Maximize return on investment

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