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Emotional Intelligence at Work for Managers and Supervisors

9th August 2023 - 11th August 2023

emotional intelligence training

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 3-day emotional intelligence training course. Emotional intelligence (EI) is a combination of self-management and social skills that can transform and optimise individual and team performance. The construct of emotional intelligence defines how effectively you perceive, understand, reason with, and manage your own and others’ feelings. When applied to your work, emotional intelligence involves your capacity to think “intelligently” with your own and others’ emotions to intentionally, and efficiently, deliver individual and organisational outcomes.

Understanding the construct of emotional intelligence makes a measurable difference to your productivity as a team member and supervisor as it is related to many contemporary workplace variables, including productivity and performance, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership capability, sales performance, teamwork, customer service and job satisfaction.

Emotional Intelligence at Work For Managers & Supervisors provides you with the skills to develop and leverage your own emotional intelligence within both the organisational and personal contexts.

Added Value

A linchpin of the emotional intelligence training course will be the opportunity for you to assess your own emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) using one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly emotional intelligence (EI) development reports available in today’s highly compet-itive market.

The assessment instrument is the first EI model to be developed specifically for the workplace, and provides an in-depth assessment of individual, team and organisational EI.

Who Should Attend

This interactive emotional intelligence training course is designed for managers and leaders of teams, projects, and organisations. It is also appropriate for coaches, trainers, facilitators, HR professionals, PA’s, office managers and anyone who wants to help others improve their emotional intelligence.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Explore Emotional Intelligence (EI) research and experience validating its importance as a critical factor in personal and business success
  • Gain greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your own leadership style and emotional competencies
  • Successfully manage personal emotions and stress to increase your effectiveness
  • Become a more effective team player and prepare yourself for on-going management positions
  • Better manage conflict and find positive solutions to individual and team concerns
  • Effectively manage your performance and that of others
  • Discover effective ways to reinforce positive working relationships
  • Develop a range of communication techniques to build more productive teams
  • Understand resilience and learn strategies to build resilienceDetermine your specific competency levels in the seven skills of EI; self-awareness; emotional expression; awareness of others; emotional reasoning; self-management; emotional management of others and self-control


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